Ewen Chia

Ewen Chia is an internet marketer that has been around quite a while and is VERY good a list building. I am sure you know this already if you get as many emails from him each day as I do.

Ewen has created and sold many products such as: Autopilot Profits, Copy and Paste Income, Profit 365, Internet Millionaires, and many others.

Pretty much ALL of the programs that Ewen Chia promotes have to do with Affiliate Marketing and Click Bank. If you are not familiar with Click Bank, it is a Digital Marketplace where anyone can sign up and promote someone else's ebooks or programs.

There are ZILLIONS of people trying to do this and that is the way that most people get started trying to make money online. The thing about that is that with so many people doing it the competition is fierce.

Almost all of the programs that can be sold promise ways that you can make a ton of money, but the REALITY is the way you make money is by simply selling it yourself, NOT by following the advice that the program offers.

That is a ditto for Ewen Chia's programs. I am not saying that he doesn't offer any value, but what he instructs is nothing new or revolutionary. The way you will make money with most of the things he offers is by reselling it.

Upon purchasing a Ewen Chia program you will pretty much immediately be hit with upsells asking you to buy more and more things that will help you be successful.

There isn't anything wrong with that, upselling is standard practice for most Affiliate Marketers, so if you buy a Ewen Chia product be prepared for that.

He is very good at what he does and lord knows he is persistant. I literally get about five emails a day from him, selling two or three different programs.

There are some things that you can learn from Ewen Chia that could benefit you and I do not think he is a scam. I am just not a big fan of affiliate marketing because I have seen to many people waste time and money trying to make it work.

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