EStarNetwork .com is a Multi-Level Marketing company that uses diversification and cross marketing to appeal to the greatest amount of people.

This is basically the gathering of affiliate programs under one umbrella. It is a good idea, but it is certainly not original. The idea is that you have the ability to offer almost any popular technological service that someone could want.

EStarNetwork offers Local and Long Distance Phone Service, DSL and dial up internet access, cell phones, Satellite TV, Home Security, web hosting, and even Discount Travel.

They have affiliated with many well known companies to offer their services and as a representative you have the opportunity to participate in the profits. Not a bad deal, on the surface!

They even offer their opportunity to you for free. You will only have to pay for the replicated website that they give you, but remember, replicated websites cannot be listed on the search engines, so you will have to drive traffic to that site by word of mouth or some other meens. That defeats the point of a website, since you can't advertise to the masses!

Another thing to consider is, the products that EStarNetwork offers are HIGHLY competitive. Satellite TV, cell phones, Local and Long distance phone service. Be realistic, each of these services have companies that employ thousands of salesmen and spend BILLIONS on advertising, that is BIG TIME competition for the same customers!

Since the opportunity is supposedly "free" you may think, "what do I have to lose?" That is a valid point, but keep in mind that TIME is the most valuable thing you have and even though they claim that it is automated, you will have to work at it.

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