Emerald Passport ™

Emerald Passport™, also called EPI, is not an MLM according to the promotional materials, but it certainly has some Network Marketing characteristics.

There are currently several opportunities with a very similar structure and this one is probably the most elaborate. They are in the "Personal-Growth and Wealth Creation" business. In other words, they offer motivational materials as the "product" and they have a lot of them, apparently to justify the price.

The "Prosperity" program costing around $1290 offers motivational and self-help materials that cover almost every conceivable topic. Even with a high level of devotion to this material, it would be a daunting task to cover it all.

Emerald Passport™ is one of several programs including Liberty League International™, Dream Team™, Mentors In Motion™ and others that are similar to an older company called Global Prosperity™.

Similar to MLM, there are different levels that you can start from, the first is around $1300 and the "recommended" level is over $4000! After you join you will have to make your qualifying sales, for which the money is passed the person above you. After you're "qualified," it will be your privilege to make tons of phone calls, searching for others who would be willing to do the same.

You are given the opportunity to create a website using some of the information that is provided, but YOU have to build it or you could pay someone to do it and tack that on to the cost of the program.

Like the other programs in this genre', there are ongoing expenses that increase at each level. To continue to progress you will need to attend various "seminars." Granted, they are held in tropical vacation locations, but they are expensive. A three day seminar/vacation could be as much as $8000 and a 5 day seminar/vacation around $12000, etc. If you want to continue to progress in these organizations, these expenses are highly encouraged.

Of course, every opportunity wants you to believe that you cannot fail and that they have a foolproof "system." But this program or any other cannot guarantee success. They do offer a money back guarantee though, but I have not heard good things!

A representative of Emerald Passport™ contacted me on several occasions and was very nice and extremely persistent. At that time, I was not interested in doing the extensive telephone prospecting that is necessary to succeed with this program.

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