EDC / Easy Daily Cash

Easy Daily Cash / EDC Gold, is it for you? Your about to find out what you REALLY need to know BEFORE you decide to spend your time and A LOT of money trying to make this work.

In recent years there has been a slew of companies offering very similar programs to Dave Dubbs and EDC. They all claim that it is not "Network Marketing," but it's very close to it!

All of these programs including EDC Gold promise pretty much the same thing and that is you will make a ton of money for doing next to nothing, all you have to do is pay them money!

In the case of Easy Daily Cash, you can come in for around $300 all the way up to around $1000 and they will provide a replicated website for an additional $29.95 per month, that's an additional $359/yr.

This is what is called a "2-Up" marketing structure and is different from Multi-Level Marketing only in the way the cash moves around. In this case the money only goes "up" to the person above you instead of through many levels, but other than that all the elements are the same.

When you initially join Easy Daily Cash at the recommended $997 level, you are then required to find two others to join under you for the same amount, but you will make NOTHING from those first two people! The money from the first 2 "qualifying" sales is passed up to the Upline person that brought you in(2-UP).

These type of programs all claim that they are "automated" and that by using the "tools" you are provided, this is "the easiest money you will ever make."

The cookie cutter website that you will be given is exactly like the one that everybody else has and because it is "replicated" the search engines rarely recognize it and certainly will not index it. This pretty much spells worthless.

This means that you will have to do a Pay-Per-Click Campaign to drive ANY traffic at all to the website OR BUY LEADS and buying leads is what they recommend. This will definitely cost you a sizeable sum and there is already a ton of competition.

EDC offers a lead program or co-op in which you purchase leads for what could be several thousand dollars a month. This is one of the major ways they make money. Any Program that is ENCOURAGING you to buy THEIR leads is Definitely the WRONG program!

Now if you do purchased the leads, you will need to call these people, over and over, trying to SELL them on doing the same thing you did. There is absolutely no way to know how many other people, from other programs, are calling the same leads. So much for Automation!

EDC Gold is required to offer some sort of product to avoid being considered an illegal pyramid, so they offer "software" that is supposed to help you market the program. This is the same type of 'proprietary' software offered by a number of "2-Up" programs as the "product."

Since the beginning of programs like EDC, I have had a countless number of people contact me wanting help to market their "automated marketing system!" This of course is a contradiction in terms, why would you need help marketing something that is supposedly "Automated"?

The flashy video presentation offered by Easy Daily Cash Gold(and all the others) is supposed to knock people off their feet and send them streaming to sign up. It might very well do that, but the problem is getting a large number of people to see it!

Even though EDC Diamond says that they are not technically an MLM, the principle of wading through a large number of people to find interested parties is the same.

Are YOU going to lay down a significant amount of money based on a video or are you going to want to talk to someone and do your homework? The answer is obvious, that is why you are here!

So if you do EDC shop around for a VERY good Long Distance Telephone Plan because you will be wearing it out!

After years of testing opportunities, most of them waste my time and don't generate much money because you have to chase people around trying to SELL IT! They ALL have to much competition and don't offer a Totally Unique Product to a Huge Existing Market. But I have found THE ONE that pays the Best, has True Mass Appeal, is One-OF-A-Kind, and has NO COMPETITION! On top of that, hardly anyone has even heard of it yet, but those that have, including Yours Truly, are already making all kinds of money. To find out which one Beats All Others Click Here

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