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The ECurrency Exchange Business was wildly popular on the internet and I received much email about the various programs. Based on what others are saying and my own research, I will endeavor to give you the inside track and help you with your own due diligence.

As far as opportunities go, ECurrency Exchange trading has some real issues that need to be worked out. Namely, the availability of your money when you need to pull it out.

Even though it has certainly not been widely publicized, ECurrency exchanging is not new. In the past when international companies traded with one another, they had to go through the banking process of exchanging currencies, taking into consideration exchange rates.

More and more international companies are using E Currency for a variety of reasons, simplicity and safety being foremost. This allows them a standardized way of trading and allows them to avoid the hassle of exchange rates.

There are several different E Currencies, IntGold and EBullion probably the two best known. So, if one company is trading with another that uses a different E Currency, there exists an opportunity to make money on the "exchange" of the E Currencies, in the form of a fee.

It is DXIO which fills this need and offers a means by which YOU can share in those fees. This stands for DXinOne and it is what drives this opportunity, it is owned by Global Digital Transfers Inc. This company is offshore, so there is no protection or guarantee as with a regulated investment.

There WERE a number of programs that provided "training" in the DXinOne system. The prices ranged from $69 all the way up to $795. As you can imagine, the amount of detail, explanation, and support was a function of the price. They are all mostly LONG GONE!

ECurrency Trading in theory seemed promising, but the lack of regulation and control makes it totally unreliable. There is still plenty of opportunity to profit online without taking such risks if you will follow a simple step-by-step program with verifiable results.

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