Ecosov is another of the endless number of Cash Gifting Programs and Characters like "Q" that are coming out of the woodwork. The LURE of Easy Money has a very strong appeal. Now you will learn what you REALLY Need To Know BEFORE you chance it!

Ecosov is a 1UP style gifting program, meaning that you make nothing off of the first person you "hunt down" who will ACTUALLY get involved. It has 2 levels of participation: $6,600, $18,500! Where you choose to participate needs to be a function of how much you can afford to loose.

This uses the exact same format of all the other gifting programs that have come and GONE over the years. What you do is bring prospects to a call and the third party verification is supposed to make them comfortable enough to plunk down their CASH!

The whole basis for the claims of legitimacy is "The Gifting Law." This is an old obscure law initially put on the books to benefit the rich by allowing them to give "before tax gifts," up to $10,000, to a family member.

There is typically no product or service transferred and if there is, it is usually of no value and simply serves as an attempt to make this less shady. It will be up to whichever IRS agent you will be talking with as to whether or not you will be fined or even worse.

I know MANY people that have been involved with Gifting, many of whom were audited or lost a lot of money. Eventually they all go bust or are shut down. The programs that survive for any length of time are very low profile and depend on the fact that the Greedy or the careless won't put a kink in it. To get involved in a program like Ecosov that is openly and widely publicized on THE INTERNET is ASKING for trouble that you DON'T WANT!

The FTC is in the business of looking for programs like Ecosov and when they find one, it's gone and they are on the look-out now more than ever. They absolutely have a field day with things like this and the people involved.

Quite honestly, I can't believe that people are brazenly advertising Ecosov on the internet. The main worry is that the FTC and IRS will find out about it and doing it on the Internet is very risky. If the program is discovered and it goes, so does your money NO EXCEPTIONS!

This program talks about being automated, but that is ridiculous. Any sensible person is not going to "give" this kind of money over without at least talking to someone first. If you get tricked and linked to it, be sure that the words "tax evasion" will be part of the conversation.

It is ridiculous to think that this is actually "automated." Even a Dim-Wit is going to want to talk to someone and be convinced before they pony up this kind of bank.

You may really need or WANT money and you may think Ecosov is the way to "get rich" but, this is a very labor intensive and nerve racking way. I do not recommend it.

I am in the business of looking out for you, but you also have to use some common sense. If you want money from the internet, there are MUCH better ways that will let you sleep at night and make you money for a LONG TIME.

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