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You have come to the right place to find out about Ecoquest International™ I was one of the top reps, on the top team of this company and I will share with you the positive and the negatives of that experience.

Ecoquest International ™ formerly know as Alpine Industries was founded by William Converse in 1986. Mr. Converse continues to be the driving force behind the technological innovations of this company. The name change occurred in 2000 in an attempt to focus on product development and the opening of new markets under the direction of President Michael Jackson.

This company's Radio Wave and Ozone "Living Air ™" technology is considered to be the foremost air purification technology. The "Living Water ™" purification systems using a combination of reverse osmosis, coal filtration, and florescent light are considered to be the state-of-the-art in water filtration.

Ecoquest ™ also offers a highly regarded line of nutritionals and the "Wind Tree ™", a roof mounted residential electric generator is also FINALLY becoming available.

The technological advances made by Mr. Converse are and will continue to be exciting. In spite of that, there are several reasons that myself and many others no longer represent this company.

After all, this IS a traditional Network Marketing company and the inherent drawbacks of this type of marketing are prevalent within this company's compensation plan.

As with most MLM, you are required to maintain a level of "Personal Consumption" whereby YOU must purchase an increasing amount of product each month, to meet your position requirements. That would not be such a factor if you could actually "consume" these products, but you only need ONE air purification system and ONE water puification system!

Be prepared to be VERY patient as potential customers proceed through the "try before you buy" process, which will include many frustations, disappointments, and equipment maintenance issues.

I made A LOT of money with Ecoquest International ™ / Alpine Industries ™ to a certain point. Then it became very difficult to manage a downline AND the placement, delivery, monitoring, and reacquisition of products from potential customers, that you MUST do to unload the products you are REQUIRED to purchase. That I still have a garage full of products is evidence of this fact!

Ecoquest International ™ aka Alpine Industries ™ does compensate you well and the products do deliver great health benefits, but believe me, you will need to be as healthy as possible to do all that is required to get your money!

I truly believe in the health benefits that Ecoquest International ™ products provide, that is why I was so surprised to find out that the Federal Trade Commission felt otherwise!

In 2001 a Federal Jury found Ecoquest International ™ aka Alpine Industries ™ guilty of 865 false "health-related-claims" and the Federal District Court of Tennessee assessed fines and costs of $1.49 million for civil penalties and equitable relief.

Any company as large and as successful as Ecoquest International ™ will always have detractors, but this company has weathered that storm and continues to be in the forefront of this industry.

I enjoyed my experience with Ecoquest International ™ / Alpine Industries ™ and I wish them well, but there is now just to much competition in the market segment!

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