Dry Tech Opportunity

Is Dry-Tech what they really claim? Now you'll find out!

Dry-Tech Systems run by Eric Levine and Rick Armstrong. This company is in association with the Zaken Corporation, a not to reputable Business Opportunity(that's an understatement).

DryTech is providing you the opportunity to own your own Carpet Cleaning Business as a Private Contractor for them.

When you become an Independent Contractor for Dry Tech Systems.com they encourage you to spend money advertising in Newspapers and Passing out Brochures, as well as, participate in expensive advertising campaigns sponsored by them.

When customers call Dry Tech, from the brochure that you paid for to advertise, you are then supposed to make a $1200 commission.

What actually happens, the customer gives them "Contractor's ID" from the back of the Brochure or the Ad. That sale is to be credited to the corresponding Contractor, but it isn't. That's not all, read on...

When you call in, you will be told that no orders have been placed, ever, and you make nothing. DryTech is using unsuspecting Opportunity Seekers to pay for their advertising.

This allows them to spend nothing to promote their "so-called" products and you foot the bill. Guess what? The person placing the order gets scammed too and then they will be looking at YOU to make it right!

This is a pretty original shell game and that is ALL it is. There are ways to make money never leaving your home, you don't need to get involved with nonsense like this. You can easily start a business where no one else is involved in terms of paying you because the money comes straight to you.

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