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You see or hear about endless courses claiming to be like DropShipDirect on PBS, Radio, Internet, and TV telling you how simple this is. They all make some inexpensive offers and then end up asking for THOUSANDS. It is totally unnecessary to pay these people such sizeable fees for “coaching” or “help” when the people giving it don’t even do it themselves!

In case you are not really familiar with Drop Shipping, it is a very simple concept. People order something and a DropShipping Company ships it out for you, for a fee, of course. That is easy enough, BUT there are good programs and flat out scams, some of them just want you money and could care less about whether you fail or succeed. Imagine that!  

If you are not very careful, this can end up costing you a fortune in time and money.

This is why the majority of the people that get into Drop Shipping might make a little money, but nothing like they expected. They get all excited about the possibilities, believe a lot of the hype on the internet, and end up being disappointed.

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