Dream Team

Terry Duff and Gino Niccoli created the self-named "Dream Team" in 2003, which they now call "On Stage Marketing." You're about to find out if this team is a Dream or a Nightmare. Read this whole page or you'll have only yourself to blame!

I received a call from a woman who apparently saw my website and decided to approach me. She wouldn't tell me what this was, but made some serious claims about putting 20 to 30 people into ANY MLM a WEEK!

She didn't even know what business I was in, she thought I sold Melaleuca, which I don't. You may have been through this same experience and you will see below exactly what you need to know, to make this BIG Decision.

She obviously was reading a script to invite me to a "live call" that was going to "tell all" about doing this. She made me promise that I would call "Richard" after it was over, so I said "maybe."

I of course, new immediately that it was the "Dream Team" which they now call "On Stage Marketing." To make a long story short...

If you have been on one of these calls and you didn't realize it, the ENTIRE call is a Recording! I mean the whole thing, the greeter, the many people "from all over the world" that stated their name AND the "experts" that hype it up and then share the "amazing program," it's ALL a scripted recording. It is slick and they play it off like it is live. Immediately after the call ended, the recording started over again, Oops!

The claims they make are outlandish and they really build it up preparing you for the "call to action." Stating that Gino Niccoli and Terry Duff are "world renowned experts" on marketing everything. It's all about joining the special system, "investing in yourself, all to "master the art and science of marketing!"

Bottom line is that they want you to join 1 of 3 Levels.

Diamond - which includes an 8 week course on Mindset, the law of attraction, law of abundance...yada,yada, Inner Circle, Mastermind Training, and other "must have" information.

The Platinum and the Gold were basically the same thing, but did not include some of the "crucial ingredients." This is all backed by a "risk free guarantee" that if after a year, if you haven't made at least $50,000, you get your money back!

Unfortunately, I have heard from people that did NOT make $50,000 and were told that they must not have followed all the techniques. This is where the "Lifetime Membership" comes in, you simply continue to "hone your skills" and you may or may NOT get some of your money back.

Oh, by the way, Diamond - $2499, Platinum - $1499, and the lowly Gold Package - $999. If you are Really trying to succeed with YOUR Company and you're not, it may be that your company is just not that marketable, it's not your fault.

You must have a Unique Product unavailable ANYWHERE else and HUGE Existing Demand for that EXACT Thing. It must provide, to that HUGE market, a way for them to do what they are already doing (and want to do more of) Quicker, Easier, and Cheaper. Most importantly, have a wide open market meaning, hardly anyone has heard of it yet, and be completely Recession Proof.

In other words, when times get rough, people will want it more, not less!

After years of testing and trying opportunities, I finally found THE ONLY ONE that meets all of the above criteria. I'll show you how to use a software, so simple that a Monkey can use it. It absolutely costs Nowhere Near what Terry Duff or Gino Niccoli try to sell you. You don't need to do a complete "personality makeover," you need the right company and help from someone who is REALLY succeeding, Me! Before you go and invest in "On Stage Marketing" (Dream Team), you REALLY owe it to yourself and your family to check this out. To see THE One that Beats Them ALL Click Here

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