Discovery Toys™

Discovery Toys™ is a a 27 year old company headquartered in Livermore CA. Lane Nemeth, a housewife started this company to market children's educational toys throughout the US and Canada.

The founder of the company started with an idea to market educational toys for children that would be fun and aid in their development at the same time. She also conceived of the idea of giving stay-at-home-moms an opportunity to make money and still take care for their children.

They offer educational software, toys, and games through parties and individuals that are contracted as independent distributors.

In terms of a business opportunity, Discovery Toys ™ has a good reputation and years of proven success, but this is not a business that will make you rich overnite!

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As with any business, there will be work involved and developing this particular business will not give you an immediate full time income.

I do recommend this as a viable business opportunity, but not an immediate or huge money maker.

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