Derek Gehl

Derek Gehl is the longtime "right hand man" and second in command of the internet empire started and cultivated by Corey Rudl.

Unfortunately, Corey was killed in an automobile accident in June 2005 in California at the age of 32.

Corey Rudl had amassed a fortune on the internet and Derek was with him every step of the way. Without a doubt, Corey's untimely death shook this organization to the core. Derek has now assumed much of the control of this business and is guiding it through this trying time.

Corey and Derek have had some great ideas about internet marketing and this organization will bounce back, probably bigger than before.

There are many critics of the tactics used by Corey Rudl, mainly centering on the endless "upsells" that customers are exposed to. There always seems to be something else to buy! Some may disagree with this marketing approach, but it has been and no doubt will continue to be successful for this marketing group.

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