Day Care Center

So you have done some babysitting or been a Nanny and you think starting a Day Care Center might be your calling. If you have the patience, drive, dedication, and are good with children AND parents, you may be right. There is a lot to this though and we want you to know exactly what you are in for!

The first thing that you must consider are your qualifications. What qualifies you enough that parents would feel comfortable entrusting their precious children to you? Do you have children? Have you worked with children, other than your own on a regular basis? Have you been qualified, trained, and LICENSED?

Most states require a license to operate a Child Day Care and training on how to handle a variety of situations may be required to get that license. It is possible to acquire some of the training online, but each state varies in what is necessary.

Another major consideration is WHERE! At church, a rented facility, or in your home? Regardless of where you plan to operate your Day Care Business there will be expenses and changes that must be made, in order for you to be approved by the authorities.

These first two things are obviously major considerations and are the hurdles that are the hardest to get over. It is easy enough to find out the requirements in these areas and you can probably do that online. Below are some other areas that you will need to address before you can seriously consider opening a day care center:

*Accounting and Billing

*Record Keeping

*Finding clients

*Activity Planning

*Establishing a Daily Routine

*Determining Fees

*Keeping Clients Satisfied

*Code Requirements

Just to name a few!

Learning all of these aspects would be wise before attempting to go into any business, but with a Child Care Business they are crucial. It is very important to KEEP clients once you have found them and a business like this needs be set up properly in the beginning. You won't have time to do it once you get going because your number one priority MUST be the children!

As I mentioned, there are plenty ebooks, training courses, and Franchises on the internet promising that you can make big bucks with a Day Care Center, but I can think of several ways to make more money with much less time and effort.

If your love for children outweights the stresses that go along with dealing with Parents and the initial investment of time and resources, then starting a Day Care may be the career for you. If so, I wish you good fortune and my hat is off to you!

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