Day Job Killer

One of the biggest and most talked about affiliate marketing eBooks recently caught my attention. DayJobKiller, has been causing a little bit of a storm in the forums and on the internet.

Naturally I bought it and gave it a read. This eBook was quite different than a lot of the programs I have read in the past. This kind of passes over some of the fundamentals and basics and gets right into the juicy stuff.

Personally, I was kind of annoyed with the book because it does reveal a lot of the "secrets" that many of us affiliate marketers use on a daily basis. Other secrets were given to me from other marketers and mastermind groups. Still, the book is out there and a lot of the strategies revealed have not seemed to affect me since the release of the book. I think it is a bit of both, personally. DayJobKiller does reveal a lot of really good methods that have worked for me in the past.

Further, I learned a few things, as well. I used to recommend DayJobKiller revitalizes these methods with a new, modern twist. I thought I would give it a try, and you know what? It worked! I could not believe it. This is this going to be steady income for me for months to come. A few things to note about the program, though:

Some of the methods and ideas provided in Day Job Killer are a somewhat advanced. When you first read it, you may find this stuff a bit too forceful, but understand that affiliate marketing is not for the meek.

I have used many of the methods in the past and it was not until I became more aggressive and forceful that I started to make money. Don't be afraid to get your hands a little bit dirty (and still realize that there is nothing illegal in this book, the methods are legitimate!)

Day Job Killer does go over step-by-step on what to do, but for the newbie, you may find this eBook a bit confusing (especially if you do not understand the basics of affiliate marketing in general).

DayJobKiller focuses more on real-time money making and list building and less on creating big websites and building SEO. The commitments required from DayJobKiller is less than most programs. Still, these methods usually build websites that will bring steady cash for years to come. Learning how to earn quick money as well as building quality lists are two integral components of making money online.

Personally, I learned a lot of stuff from Day Job Killer and convinced myself that some of the methods that I use to make money online are proven. Reading DayJobKiller seemed very straightforward to me and I was able to apply a few of his methods almost immediately with success.

Understanding WHAT affiliate marketing is and HOW Google Adwords works (i.e., how to set up a campaign) would be a good start. This kind of stuff is rather trivial, though, and does not require too much insight.

A great product for anyone wanting to be successful at affiliate marketing. To see more Click Here