David Butler

David Butler is the author of "Tin Can Alley." The book explores several different ways of entering into the Cash Flow Note Business. This information focuses on a huge segment of this business dealing with Mobile Homes.

There is a huge amount of "paper" on mobile homes because, typically, banks do not loan on these thereby creating a large secondary market. David Butler shows you his techniques for making money in this market.

There are MANY different markets within the note business and there are an incredible amount of programs to show you how to profit from it. We have found that it is much more difficult to make money in this than you may be led to believe.

Most people are very excited about the prospect, but the application of the various techniques is very time consuming. Most of the courses on this business are WAY over-priced and you could easily find this information much cheaper.

This type of business constitutes a lot of research and time. You will need to do a lot of driving and face-to-face and we are sure there is a better way!

If you can follow a simple, proven step-by-step system, put together by a very successful internet marketer then very soon you could be sitting on a lucrative internet business.

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