David Gilmore / Hidden Millionaire

David Gilmore and Anthony Morrison have been filling the airwaves with Invitations to his Hidden Millionaires Seminar. He promises to show you a way to capitalize on a “hidden” Billion Dollar Industry.

You are smart to want to start a Home Business (it is becoming a necessity), but now you will find out if this one is the right one for you. If you don’t read this whole page, you’ll only have yourself to blame!

I have been scammed over and over, so I decided, 10 years ago, to inform you about Programs like this, in hopes that I can help you avoid what I have been through. Get prepared to be shocked!

You need to realize that advertising for and putting on Seminars is VERY expensive, so that that ought to tell you something about Hidden Millionaires!

This starts out with a pitchman David Gilmore who talks for about 90 minutes and tells you all about how this program saved his life and then enters 20 something Anthony Morrison, to close the deal.

He goes on and on about How he had to do something to help his family because of an ailing father and how he “discovered” this secret. If I had a Nickel for every sob story like that I’ve heard from Seminar Hucksters…

He will go on to give you a presentation about his “special” ways to advertise his program using PayPerClick advertising. First of all, these are NOT HIS “Special” secrets. Quite Frankly, the methods that he is showing you are by far not the most effective way to advertise. There are MUCH less Expensive and Easier ways to advertise.

This whole thing is geared toward those that are not versed on what the Internet really has to offer. Sure, there are people wanting to get Credit Cards. What he presents sounds very good and appealing, but it is NOT! There is HUGE Competition and you couldn’t pick a Worse Time to go into something like this.

Starting a Home Business now is a very smart thing to do, but starting in a Big Hole is absolutely NOT what you want to do. That is EXACTLY what you will be doing with this program.

For starters, Anthony Morrison will ask you to pay $4500, which is totally Ridiculous to start a REAL OnlineBusiness, but that’s it…

He will also offer to set you up a useless replicated website for $29.95 which will do NOTHING for you, but that’s still not all…

After you turn them down on the initial offer, they will call you back and tell you that Anthony Morrison “really” wants you to succeed, so They are offering you a “Special Price Today Only.” They will drop it down to only $2000, what a bargain. There’s more…

It is absurd to pay ANYWHERE near this much for an Internet Business ( that will succeed), when you can easily get a pre-built nice website for $5/month, In Demand Products that are easy to find for free, and drive BUYERS to your website for Next To Nothing. All if you just know how, KNOWLEDGE is the Key!I have tried and tested Hundreds of Online Opportunities and ONLY ONE simple program still providesa ROCK SOLID Income. To check it out for yourself Click Here

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