Dannys Scam Review.com

Dannys Scam Review.com (apostrophe omitted) seems to be popping up everywhere and I must admit, the first time I saw it(and everytime since) my reaction has been "Give Me A Break!" Now you are about to find out the Truth about it.

If you look at the HUNDREDS of reviews on this site, you will see that I try to be objective and impartial, but when I saw this site I felt like my intelligence had been insulted, but you're not here to for my "feelings," so let's get to the matter at hand.

Where to start? How about with common sense! This website starts out by telling you that I(Danny) was scammed 37 times in 3 months, so if that is to be believed it means that he was trying a new program every 2.4 days and if this cost him $4800, that means that every 2.4 days he was spending approximately $129.00US trying to replace his $70,000/yr job!

If that were true, would you really want to take the advice of someone who would not even work at something more than 2 days before moving on? Obviously, only a maniac or someone with a gun to their head would surf the internet with this kind of frenetic pace blindly throwing away money. So to get this straight, "Danny" searched the internet, found a program, signed up for the program, read all of the instructions, meticulously set it all up, implimented it, and accessed the results in 2.4 days. Apparently forsaking eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom for 3 months straight, PLEASE!

Statements made about the 2 programs that "really" work don't ring true either, such as:

"I bought the package for $299 and the very next day it was being sold for only $99!" Not True! From the beginning, this program has never been sold for more than $49.95. Granted, that may seem insignificant, but combined with everything else, it should give you a clue.

"Danny" himself said that he was scammed by "get rich quick schemes" and then wants you to believe that he somehow found the only legitimate programs out there by saying, "If you are looking at any other program besides these two you are most likely wasting your time, because I have tried them all and these are the only 2 that work." Oh, now he has tried them all!

Dannys Scam Review, with the infantile graphics and big red letters is obviously appealing to those of little experience or who are so desperate that they will believe anything and he carries this one step further by "revealing the top 3 scams on the internet."

For some reason, this whole thing really got under my skin. I guess it is because I really have lost a lot of money trying to figure out internet marketing and this whole website, with Hundreds of reviews and customer opinions is dedicated to that.

The truth is that you can make money on the internet, but there is no program that is magically going to do it for you, as "Danny" would have you believe. It takes effort, desire, and most importantly, real information!

You need to know the honest truth about how money is made over the internet by those who have REALLY done it. Most "gurus" try to charge thousands of dollars for that, but it is possible to do it for MUCH less. It, of course, is your choice if you want to believe things like Dannys Scam Review.com and continue to "dream." All I can tell you is that internet marketing can provide a very nice income if you truly understand it. There are plenty of programs available that offer to help you, some good, some not so much. If you would like to see one that I found particularly helpful Click Here

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