Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is one of the foremost marketing experts around. His books, courses, and seminars are excellent sources of information for new and experienced marketers.

Mr. Kennedy has embarked on what I would call an advertising "blitz" with Bill Glazer touting the " Glazer - Kennedy Insider's Circle " where they share their "No B.S." methods.

It is true that Dan Kennedy knows a lot about marketing, but it is also true that even though you can get some Dan Kennedy material for a low price, he WILL come at you for A LOT more money, and that too, is no "B.S."

I would suggest that every marketer should at least have one Dan Kennedy book, many of his ideas are universal and apply to any marketing campaign.

I have no problem with a coach or teacher offering additional help or information for a few hundred bucks, but Dan Kennedy comes at you for Thousands! How are regular folks like you and I supposed to afford that?

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