Guru Busters / Dani Mendez

Guru Busters run by Dani Mendez seems to offer some useful information, now you will find out if it is Truly Trustworthy!

I'll say this for sure, Dani Mendez is a Pretty Woman and the Reviews on her sight seem to be trying to help the person looking for a legitimate Home Business. The MAIN problem that I have with Guru Busters and Dani Mendez is that she doesn't do her own research or write her own reviews!

I know this because almost ALL of her content was taken from MY WEBSITE! She emailed me after I complained that she was taking my content and told me that she hires someone to write for her.

This type of activity doesn't show much credibility or integrity. If was really interested in helping you find the truth it certainly seems that she would try to add some fresh perspective and not just pay someone to copy others.

If I seem annoyed, it's because I am! I have spent years researching and archiving Thousands of emails from people that actually participated in the over 1200 programs that are reviewed on this website.

As a matter of fact, the so called great opportunity that she pushes, or did for a long time, was a joke. It was Gary Jezorski's ECurrency Trading, which I received tons of negative email about. Now she is offering E Currency Arbitrage which is obviously a repackaged version of the same useless information.

ECurrency Trading was popular YEARS ago, but all of the REAL Programs have long sinced closed because it DOESN'T work and it is VERY risky. Jezorski is just milking it and he has even used several different names because of all the complaints. Now I guess he is using "Paul Jenkins!"

You won't make any money with E Currency Trading or "Arbitrage" as they are now calling it. The chances are MUCH better that you will loose money and wish you had never seen it.

You don't need to risk your money and waste your time with this nonsense. Making money on the internet FOR REAL does not require you to take such chances. It is easier than you think and can be started for next to nothing, if you know how the Pros do it. I have tried, tested, and wasted a lot of money on so called "Opportunities" and ONLY ONE still provides a Rock Solid Income. To see it for yourself Click Here

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