Cutting Edge Media ™

Cutting Edge Media™ is a 15-year-old company specializing in lead generation for network marketing. It focuses on “Total Prospecting Solutions” for network marketing companies.

The company boasts of 70+ in-house marketing experts working for 1500+ companies. The idea is to increase distributor activity, retention and training to boost sales of network marketers.

The prospecting is carried out through networking and through:

• Resort, Hotel and Home meetings.

• Flyers everywhere--windshields, bumpers and telephone poles, the works.

• Local advertising in newspapers and magazines.

• Group conversations in grocery stores and malls (word of mouth publicity)

• Buddy lists - FRIENDS AND FAMILY

• Internet ads and the like.

Your current prospecting methods are "blended" with these methods, not replaced. The company believes that if your methods are effective, they only need to be directed properly.

This is supposed to work because:

1. Thousands of prospects supposedly come to Cutting Edge Media™ every day searching for a home business opportunity.

2. They introduce these prospects to you and your distributors by email!

3. Your distributors get steady flow of prospects.

4. Their professional network marketing trainers teach your distributors how recruit these prospects and turn them into distributors.

All of these features sound great, but do not expect it to work seamlessly without a hitch. My experience with this company was not all it was cracked up to be. Some of the leads were good, many were not.

I, like many other people who email me, had a hard time getting replacements for bad leads and when I did, the prospects had already been HAMMERED by other people, from other programs.

You can just as easily generate your own leads over the internet. Just take a little time to educate yourself on how it is done, apply it and you will never pay for a lead again!

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