started operating in 1998 and has become a large house for foreign exchange transactions. is a foreign exchange payment web site that can be used for all types of payments outside of US.

Payment may be required for:

• Payment to overseas suppliers or vendors

• Payment of an invoice raised outside of US for corporate or individuals

• Your invoices raised outside of US for brining money to US

• One time foreign payment

• Payment for friends or relatives outside of US

• Overseas education of student

• Various payments for rentals and other expenses of individuals

• Individual travel outside of US for pleasure or on work

These payments are to be made in currency of the individual asking for money in other than US currencies. Foreign exchange rates are a matter of supply and demand. It is also a matter of policy decisions of various countries and the strength of their economies. The balance of trade between nations will determine if a currency is getting weak or becoming strong.

At the exchange of currencies can be done over wire transfer, over phone or over internet. Security of transaction is of importance while transferring money over distances quickly. Any problem can result in losses for the individual or corporate. has sufficient safeguards on this account.

Here is just one testimonial from Ford motor company:

“I would like to thank you for the courteous service your company provides. I travel quite often to Europe and rely on having currency while traveling. Ordering currency from your company allows me to safely travel with funds in hand while traveling abroad eliminating the hassles of buying through airports. Your staff handles transactions with great professionalism. I plan on using your service in the future and will recommend it to our office for international travels.

Thank you again,

Richard HofmannFord Motor Company

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