Cruise One

Established in 1992, Cruise One, a 400 location company, a part of Boston based NLG. It offers cruises of Eastern and Western coasts of USA, Hawaii and Alaska.

Every year NLG arranges cruises for singles, honeymooners, couples, families, corporate executives, sales promotion groups, sale meetings, corporate meetings, school reunions, etc, etc.

It is not a single organization but an independently owned and operated business combined with a nicely organized business venture. It operates with the best of technological innovations and with old fashioned customer service. It's fares search program gives the best advantage to the traveler in terms of value for money, on all routes.

Cruise One franchisee program was Founded in 1992 and CruiseOne is the largest franchiser of independent cruise agents in North America. CruiseOne agents are eligible for some of the highest cruise line commissions in the industry. No previous experience is required. CruiseOne trains its franchisees.

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