Credit Repair Truth

Credit Repair Programs, Debt Relief, and Credit Counseling Services may seem like your only hope, but if you don't read this whole page, you are in for a BIG BAD SURPRISE!

Whether you are searching on the Internet or watching TV, there are some very important things you must know about them BEFORE you get involved. You are about to find out the TRUTH that will save you Thousands and actually INCREASE you Credit Score!

The Federal Trade Commission(FTC). The government agency that protects the consumer from deceptive and misleading Trade Practices, clearly warns against companies claiming to “fix” your credit. They warn in no uncertain terms, NOT to use these Credit Repair, Credit Counseling, Debt Relief, or Credit Care Companies. The FTC also states, “ any of these Credit Repair or Credit Counseling Service claims of what they can do to improve your Credit Score, can easily be done yourself.”

Why do you think there are SO many Credit Repair Companies? The answer is simple, it is easy and inexpensive to do what they do, which is basically nothing. You can do a MUCH better job in less time, simply following some easy instructions!

These Companies are nothing more than “Credit Repair Mills.” Some even use .org after their names to make you think that they are some kind of non-profit agency, but they are not!

They handle Credit Reports (and customers) as though they were herding cattle to slaughter. They simply use a computer program that does all of the “work” for them and have a big sales staff(no Attorneys, no Paralegals, and absolutely no Certified Credit Counselors), just pushy salesmen.

The HUGE majority of these repair bad credit companies that you see on TV and the Internet are owned by entrepreneurs. They saw an opportunity to cash in on this growing industry, that is increasing at a very rapid rate.

Even though they ALL boast of "years in business", practically none of these companies started to do Credit Repair until very recently.

These "Credit Mills" just create a standard dispute form letter and mail or fax it to the Credit Bureaus every 30 to 60 days.

Big Deal!

You could easily do this yourself, along with other things to really speed up this process, but you need to know the techniques to do this. You don’t need to pay anyone a big chunk of money or a monthly fee for doing something you can easily do yourself!

Please tell me that you don't truly believe that they have a “team of Lawyers" or "Specialists” that are going to create new letters and send them to Creditors, Courthouses, and Collection Agencies on your behalf each month. They don't and they won't!

Doesn’t it sound more realistic that they are just going to use a program on the computer that creates letters and sends them out to the Credit Bureau, disputing negative accounts? Then they will do it again and again every 60 days. IF you signed a year long contract with them it’s a total waste of time and money, you can expect minimal results, if any at all!

They ALL want you to believe that this process "takes time," that also is not true. They use this time excuse to justify continuing to charge you every month. There are simple, easy to follow steps that allow you to be in control and get this done FAST.

These Credit Repair Services will take your money and leave your credit worse off than when you started. You should NEVER fall for ANY of this hype you see or let them talk you into some sort of "payment plan."

YOU can do for yourself what THEY promise to do and more easier, quicker, and A LOT cheaper. After researching almost every " Credit Repair " Program the following are the only ones that actually work, make it very simple, and help you get real results:


Top Credit Repair Programs
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Site Link Rating Guarantee Fee 5 of 5 60 Days $47.00
4.0 60 Days $49.00 3.5 60 Days $47.00
3.0 60 Days $67.00

5 out of 5

Rick Miller’s 24 Hour Credit Fix is firmly stationed on the top of our list and using this information will save you from getting robbed by some fly-by-night company. It is far and away the best do-it-yourself Credit Repair Program we have ever seen. The reason is simple: Rick is the REAL DEAL! He has years of experience as a Loan Officer with a Major Bank and really was the Manager of a Major Credit Bureau for almost five years. The Rapid Rescoring and Quick Credit Repair Techniques you will be guided through will repair and even Increase your Credit Score FAST.

You will learn the techniques, tips, and tricks that Credit Repair Companies claim to use to repair credit, but it won’t be a long drawn out process. Dragging it out is one of the main ways these so-called Credit Repair Companies justify charging you so much. This information puts YOU in control of this process! Rick makes sure that you understand how to purchase a Home to increase your credit score, get unsecured loans, high limit credit card, settle your debts for a fraction of what you owe, and much more. All the time INCREASING your Credit Score, unlike the so-called Credit Repair Companies that will ruin it!

In short, you will know everything that Credit Repair Experts know and you can start using that knowledge immediately. The Bonuses alone that you receive from are easily worth the price of the program. If you truly want to Repair Bad Credit and come out with an even Higher Credit Score this will absolutely show you step-by-step How To Do It. With the Bonus Material, On-Going Support, and Guidance, 24HrCreditFix is the Best we have found bar none!

One Time: $47.00

To check it out for yourself:
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4.0 out of 5

The Credit-Repair-Secrets-Revealed Guide is authored by David Reese. David has years of extensive experience with a well known Credit Repair Company. His insider knowledge and expertise in the actual workings of the Credit Repair Industry will help you achieve your objective FAST! David will take you step by step through repairing your own credit and therefore eliminates the fees and negatives associated with going through a credit repair company.

This Secrets Revealed Guide will give you simple techniques to repair your credit report at any major Credit Reporting Bureau and these techniques are extremely valuable for anyone with negative blemishes on their report. David will show you how to eliminate late payments, bankruptcy, charge-offs, tax liens, and others. This is all explained in easy to follow steps and there is no need for any outside help.

Every credit repair “specialist” will tell you that it is almost impossible to repair your credit and that it takes a long time. David Reese shows you how to repair your bad credit and do it now! This information insists that you stay away from online credit repair companies that basically take your money and do nothing, but let time itself take care of it.

David actually provides you with his private email address and it is this combined with the easy to follow information that ranks this as one of the best.

One Time: $49.00

To check it out for yourself: Click Here


3.5 out of 5

David actually is one of the better programs that we have tested. There is a significant amount of information and step-by-step guidance to help you with cleaning up you Credit Score. The is a lot of good information about correctiing errors, minimizing the effect of bankruptcies, repossessions, tax liens, and late pays.

You will certainly come out of this program with a very good working knowledge of how the system works and how to implement various techniques that will definitely help your credt score. This makes our list because it is not just hyped up information that is not tried and tested, it actually works! It is worth the money, but this is no comparison to which you can get for the same price.

One Time: $47.00

To check it out for yourself: Click Here


3.0 out of 5

Dave Moore created the Bad Credit Bomber to help those that are suffering through the negative emotional and financial consequences of Not-so-great Credit. A low Credit Score assumes that you have Court Judgements, Bankruptcies, and other serious issues when that may not be the case. If you do have those situations it does not have to be the end of good credit. And Dave shows you why in clear concise terms.

This system will help you to clear your credit report by following a clear cut set of steps, but you MUST follow the steps in the order specified. Dave understands that Credit Problems can keep you from leading a normal life and make you feel helpless, so he deals with those issues as well.

This is very complete and thorough information. It offers 9 letter templates. These are plug n play and can be systematically used in many different situations. Using these cut and paste techniques can be useful and sometimes, not so much. Dave is pretty good at helping you to understand where and when to use the specific tools. He also helps you to understand the loopholes in the Credit Bureau Process and repair your credit fast through uncomplicated and easy to understand strategies.

This program is relatively new even though the information is legitimate, but we have not fully seen all the results. It may move up in the rankings, but it will have to really show us something to justify the price.

One Time: $67.00

To check it out for yourself: Click Here


Top Credit Repair Programs
(See Reviews Above)
Site Link Rating Guarantee Fee 5 of 5 60 Days $47.00
4.0 60 Days $49.00 3.5 60 Days $67.00
3.0 60 Days $49.00