CoverAll Cleaning Concepts

Ted Elliott, President and Chief Executive Officer started CoverAll Cleaning Concepts in 1985 and has now 7500+ franchisee owners throughout the world with more that 37,000 customers, more than 90 regional support centers. Franchises work in USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, and South America, with expansion plans everywhere.

When you become a franchise of Coverall Cleaning Concepts, you are provided with comprehensive training in janitorial services.

Down payments are low at $15,000 for starting a franchisee operation. Regional franchisee can be taken up at a payment starting at $8000, and master franchise operations can be started with payments as low as $50,000.

Typically, a franchise has a higher rate of success compared to a start-up business, but there is A LOT of hard work and sacrifice to make it pay off. People will always have someone to clean for them and if that is what you really want to do this is as a better opportunity than most. Personally, I would not be to thrilled about it, especially knowing what I know about how much money can be made on the internet, if you know how to do it. The explosive growth of the internet affords an opportunity to attain wealth like nothing else and we are positive the internet is the best opportunity available today. And done right, the start up costs are only a fraction of the cost of CoverAll Cleaning.

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