Commission BluePrint

Commission BluePrint is the the creation of Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey, which I am sure you already know. But I am about to tell you some things you didn't know. Read this whole page or you'll have only yourself to blame!

First of all the techniques taught in this course are not knew. Regardless of what BluePrint you use, Affiliate Marketing is not the best or easiest way to make money online.

Commission BluePrint has been around for a while and you see a lot of people selling it, so one can assume the best way to make money with it is to resell it yourself.

Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey are very good at putting together Sales Pages and convincing people to buy from them, but according to what I have heard, the Sales Page of Commission is about the best thing about it.

They use the same old things to induce you to buy, like saying they will only put out X number, if you wait to long the price will go up, and so on. This is unusual since people are already out there selling it as Affiliates!

What concerns me is the reports I have received about Niche Marketing BluePrint. I was told that it is just a video of him sitting in his bedroom recording. The first "Module" is simply an Introduction which seems reasonable.

The Second Module basically tells you to think of 20 different Topics, find Niches and Sub Niches, which is no great mystery. It also suggests things like going to and looking at Magazines for ideas.

One source told me that HE is convinced that they are making this up as they go. That may or may not be true, but it does seem strange that they would go about it like this. He told me in no uncertain terms that he is returning it for a refund!

It's also amazing how MANY people are reselling this course and even offering incentives and bonuses that would take you years to go through, if you will buy it from them. This is often the case with new "wonder" products that have well written and compelling Sales Pages.

It seems that Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey drag this out, piece mealing out the information, it could take quite a while to really get something up and going. It would seem more reasonable to giv you all the information you need to succeed NOW.

There are so MANY things like Commission BluePrint out there trying to show you how to "cash in" with Affiliate Marketing, it has just been done to death. There are much better ways to make money online!

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