Commission Black Ops

Commission Black Ops by Ron Walker certainly has a compelling sales page, it really makes you WANT to believe it, but can you really?

There are just so MANY of these "magic" software offers out there and they all turn out to be garbage. Oh, they may give you a piece of software, but most of them are just up sell city.

I have seen offers claiming their "software" made them ridiculous amounts of money and then the don't even really have any software, they are literally page after page of more things for you to buy.

Now does Commission Black Ops do this, quite frankly, I don't know and is Rob Walker a real person, I don't know. I certainly can't find anything about him ANYWHERE and you would think...

Here's the thing, if this "software" does all the work and you can make this kind of money with it, how is it that it is not on the front of "Fortune" magazine? I mean REALLY!

Anyway, I know that it is another ClickBank Affiliate marketing deal and if I had a nickel for all of those I would never have to even think about money again.

I have seen that Commission Black Ops is a pretty decent site builder, content plug in spinner and link builder, but it won't make you the quick easy fortune as it claims.

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