Christian Home Business Opportunities

Christian Home Business Opportunities fill the T.V. and Internet, now you are about to find out what they are really all about!

First, let me clarify, I am a Christian! I am also a businessman that has spent the last 10 years of my life working from Home and investigating Work At Home Opportunities. I don't want their to be any misunderstanding, this is a totally objective review and has NOTHING to do with religion.

And actually, that is what this review is addressing, what is a Christian Home Based Business anyway? I can totally understand why someone would call their Business a Christian Business if they sold religious books or gifts, but other than that what makes them classify their business in that way.

I do not doubt that there are some sincere people who are claiming to be a Christian Business because they view it as a testimony to their faith, but I also know that others do it for quite a different reason.

MANY Business Opportunities call themselves Christian in a direct attempt to lower your defenses and gain your trust. As you know, some of the biggest con men in the world have used religion as a front for all kinds of illegal activity. Just because someone claims to be a Christian does not mean that they actually practice it.

2Timothy 3:1-5 says, "But know this, that in the Last Days... men will be LOVERS OF MONEY... Having a FORM of Godly Devotion, but proving false to it's power and from these TURN AWAY."

All day long, for years, I have received emails and phone calls from people who have been cheated out of their life savings by one scam or another. I am not insinuating that everyone of those companies claimed to be Christian, but I know for a fact that some of them did and still do!

I realize that you came to this site because you are searching for a REAL Home Business, and I assure you that I am NOT doing the very same thing that the businesses I spoke of above are doing. Neither am I condemning or judging, I am just sick to death of receiving emails and phone calls from people who have lost their life savings with one scam or another.

I will recommend a Business to you that is the most credible I have ever seen and I have seen A LOT! You can choose to look at it or not and for that matter, you can choose to believe me or not!

At least I know I gave you my best advice and all I can hope is that I don't receive an email from you with another heart breaking story!

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