Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell is one busy guy, driving Sports Cars, checking out new houses, and for sure, building lots of websites. All of this is very impressive and it puts money in his pocket, but now you'll learn if it will put money in YOURS!

Chris Campbell is a jumper, he is behind,,,,, MyNetBiz and now IPas. These are some slick flashy websites for sure, complete with Palm Trees, money falling from the sky, and Escalades. These sites are so jazzed up they remind me of a Las Vegas Casino and that left me wondering why!

Why, if ALL of his "Million Dollar Systems" virtually ensure that you will be "rich" do they really need to try SO hard to entice you into their site? I suppose that in this "I want it now" culture that we live in there are still people that believe in this type of over-hyped thing.

The program that Chris Campbell is CURRENTLY promoting, with his NEW partner Chris Jones, is called IPas ( Internet Prospect Acceleration System ). He has also been tied to Perfect Wealth Formula, RoadMap to Riches, Reverse Funnel, My Net Biz and other similar programs.

It seems as though everyone I have spoken with that has ever been involved with Chris Campbell, in all the many programs, including I Pas, has absolutely nothing good to say about him. Apparently, he talks a good game, gets the money, and for some reason the coaching, hosting, closing, and all the other promises just don't pan out for folks (putting it mildly)!

Pie-in-the-sky things that he gets involved with come and go and you will always pretty much see the same people doing them. When one thing plays out, they simply move on, add a new twist, and start all over again. Leaving those that have, in MANY cases, put in A LOT of money high and dry.

And now, due to the economic downturn, Chris Campbell realizes that convincing people to pay THOUSANDS up front and HUNDREDS a month HAS Played OUT. So now he has come up with something new, but it's not really new.

Chris Campbell has decided to "give back" which is great, but it is odd that he waited until most people could NO WAY fork over the Big Money! But you can best believe that this will also inevitably lead to you spending a lot of money unnecessarily.

It is sad to see people getting in trouble behind stuff like this because you really can make good money online. It is not all about outrageous claims and gaudy websites, it's about know-how.

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