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Tobin Smith's "Changewave" is another of the Stock Trading "gurus" who claims he can help you beat the market. There are numerous programs that make the same claims and I have yet to see ONE give any kind of substantial performance guarantee!

Stock trading is inherently risky and so many programs that offer to help lower your risk do nothing more than mislead you and leave you broke. I do not have personal experience with Tobin Smith or Changewave, but the unsolicited email below relates the experience that this individual had with Tobin Smith and Changewave:



I tried Tobin Smith's Changewave (stock market trading analyst) and found that 87% of the time I followed his expensive advice....I LOST MONEY, sometimes a lot!!!!!When I applied for the "100% money back guarantee" I was faced with non-response e-mails and even though I opted to use the B.B.B. and other consumer protection agencies...NEVER GOT MY MONEY BACK ("Phillips..." whatever third party)!!!!!!!!!BUT, on the other hand, since then, I keep getting spammed with all kinds of other phony investment gurus "100% money back guarantee" investment programs (probably his con-artist buddies)!!!!!!!STAY AWAY!!!!!!

I live in Canada and, after a nice few surprises such as above, I can say that I have never seen a bunch of people so false, greedy and crooked!!!!!!! ANY company who would behave like this on Canadian soil would be sued and shut down pronto!!!!!!

Anthony Boileau,Canada


Obviously, I do not recommend and Changewave or the many other similar programs.

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