Software Billions / CashMasters

Software Billions Club WAS named CashMasters and Nationwide Home Business Center WAS named Nationwide Consulting Group. Why do you think they changed their name? This review is a little long, BUT if you join without reading this whole page, you only have Yourself To Blame!

Software Billions / pump out some SERIOUS HYPE about how much they will “help” you make on the Internet. This company is like all the others that claim to be a “Turn Key” opportunity. Granted, this company will supposedly "set you up" with Information Products, rather than Hard Goods like most of the others, but it is still using the “Internet Mall” concept.

Marketing Information is a good thing, but Software Billions / CashMasters doesn’t really even show you how to market effectively at all. They can't because the “Internet Mall” concept stopped being effective YEARS ago. Marketing this kind of website, these days, is almost impossible.

That is why the people who have contacted me, that are already signed up with Software Billions / CashMasters, are wanting me to help them market it. The website looks snazzy and on the surface and it seems like this should really work, but seeming like it will work and actually working are two VERY different things.

Quite frankly, this is one of the most Hyped Up “Opportunities” that I have seen in a while. All the “Bonuses” (worth $123,000), 250 Websites, the claims that you’ll make “Immediate Cash in your Bank Account,” AND the “Most Outrageously Generous Free Gift Offer in the History of the World.” Oh Please!

Software Billions (CashMasters) BETTER be “outrageously generous” since they are trying to hook you for so much money.

The “Silver Level” at $197 (teaser), the “Gold Level” at $2497 if you pay it all up front or three EASY payments of $837 if you don’t. OR the Super Duper, practically make a Million Dollars overnight, “Platinum Level” for JUST $ 3 EASY Monthly CREDIT CARD payments of $2,325.66, for a total of $6,977.00. Pay UpFront and save $1982. Hurry up and order before it’s too late. Yeah Right!

And that’s not all…

Most things like Internet Billions also continue to charge almost unstoppable monthly fees, so they are trying to get you coming and going. After all this is a "club" and a "club" has dues!

I have been contacted by SOOOO many people who have lost A LOT of money with things like this that it makes me sick! I am pleased that you are smart enough to do your homework BEFORE you fall for it. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of people that will, but not if I can help it!

You can easily succeed on the Internet without paying Software Billions this Large amount of money. As a matter of fact, starting, operating, and SUCCEEDING with an Internet Business can be one of the most cost effective Businesses you can possibly do. Regardless of the Computer Skills you currently possess.

You can get Pre-Built Websites for $5/mnth, SIMPLE to find High Demand Products that cost you nothing to sell, and MANY ways to drive Free Targeted Traffic. Everything you need is available Cheap, if you know how to find it and you can follow a simple step-by-step plan!

You need to get involved with SoftwareBillions like you need a Hole in Your Head and the price they are asking is Ridiculously Over The Top.

The only thing that I would recommend you do with Software Billions / CashMasters is RUN For The Hills!!! After trying and testing Hundreds of Opportunities I have found ONLY ONE that still provides a Rock Solid Income.To see it for yourself Click Here

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