Cash Flow Generator Workshop ™

Russ Whitneys's Cash Flow Generator Workshop ™ wants to welcome you to the exciting world of becoming a "Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Investor." So the infomercial wants you to believe!

The infomercial publicizes the "free" seminar where "Millionaire Maker" Russ Whitney is about to reveal ALL of his extraordinary money making secrets. And after all it is "free!"

When you attend the workshop you will be treated to HOURS of Over-the-top enthusiasm, cheerleading, and speeches on the endless value of motivation. Few of the "secrets" are even discussed, much less revealed. What is revealed, is the fact that you will need to pay from $199 to $495 to attend the "actual" Cash Flow Generator Workshop ™.

You are told that this workshop will be the one that REALLY unveils the closely guarded secrets of becoming an unbelievably wealthy Real Estate Investor. The initial "pep rally" seems to make people forget that they were supposed to get all of this for "free!"

As you arrive at the "REAL" Workshop™ with your pen and paper in hand, you will be greeted by friendly Russ Whitney people who treat you like their best friends. I had the distinct feeling that I was the canary and they were the cats.

As the workshop begins there is a lot of excitement and again, you have the pleasure of sitting through HOURS of "Guest Speakers" carrying on about the power of motivation and promoting their products for you to buy. The Main Attraction of course, is the "Millionaire Maker" himself, Russ Whitney!

Even during the breaks, don't be surprised if you are approached by "experts" that specialize in squeezing as much out of your credit cards as possible.

Russ Whitney does eventually get around to sharing some techniques that might be of some value, if you have enough information, but it is a long way from ALL the secrets. The point of this is to build your curiosity and confidence enough for you to "take the next step toward financial freedom."

That "next step" comes in the form of materials and yet more seminars. This time you REALLY will learn all of these valuable secrets. Depending on how "motivated" you are, this will only cost you between $8000-$60,000!!!

To be honest, I have seen a few people that had some success due to Russ Whitney, but I have also seen and talked to many, many, many, more people who spent BIG money for this and then begged for their money back, never to see a dime!

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        Site Link                      Rating           Guarantee        One-Time Fee            5 out of 5             90 days                  $50.00                      4.2                            90 days                               $97.00                      4                               90 days                              $97.00                         3.8                             60 days                              $97.00  


5 0ut of 5  is far and away the Best of the reasonably priced No Upsell programs we have seen.  The Guarantee states that if you do not make at least $10,000 in your first Thirty Days that you will get your money back PLUS a check for $100. Now that is a Gurantee!  Of course, you need to apply the techniques, it is not magic, but it is so easy to do following this step-by-step guide that a child could do it. Lou Vukas, the creator of this course is not a self-proclaimed "guru" or some kind of financial genius, he is a regular guy who succeeded in Real Estate and is sharing some unique techniques that he has learned along the way. This program will show you REAL techniques to profit in Real Estate with little or no money, credit, or TIME. You will learn how to cut to the chase without spending hours driving neighborhoods and spending countless hours on the telephone. The Bonuses included with this program are easily worth more than the price and give you added ammunition in your Real Estate investment arsenol. I was especially impressed with the customer service, receiving an email back almost immediately with answers to my questions. The Guarantee speaks for itself and combined with the excellent course information,
Bonuses, Customer Service, and Low Price this is a win-win situation. Real Estate Fortunes definitely merits the top ranking and I highly recommend it if you really want to put your Real Estate Investments Business into over-drive.

One-Time Fee: $50.00

To Check it out for yourself: Click Here

4.2 out of  5  by Jeffery Ringold, CEO of Massive Real Estate Profits, the parent of No Money No Credit is a  young guy, but as you will find out he really knows his stuff. Most of what he knows was learned through hands on experience and close association with a very successful Real Estate Investor. He passes this knowledge on to you for a ridiculously low price. The information contained in this program is easily worth 10 times what it costs and it would costs you thousands elsewhere, if you could even find it in one place.  This course provides excellent information and techniques on finding and profiting from foreclosures, unique techniques for profiting in Real Estate with little or no cash or credit, using Real Estate to rebuild or increase your credit, profiting in any market or location, and much more. This is an uncomplicated, down to earth, hands on guide that the average person can use to do very well in Real Estate. This program is currently being offered at a 50% discount, so now is a very good time to get involved. You will also receive the newsletter for FREE and it is packed with useful and helpful information, tips, and techniques to make this even easier. And the thing that really sets this apart is the great custumer service which actually provides you with a phone number!  Jefferey Ringold and truly go the extra mile to help you even though the information they offer is  thorough and easy to understand. This is a unique combination of good information and top flight customer service which definitely puts it toward the top..

One-Time: $97.00

To Check it out for yourself: Click Here

4 out of 5

Jen and Kevin Glass have been offering 'Beyond No Money Down' from their website for some time now. This program contimues to be one of our top choices holding off challenges by some very good programs. This will show you exactly how to profit in Real Estate with Nothng Down, Bad or No Credit, and even without a Job! Many courses claim this, but this one really takes you through every thing you need to know and DO, step-by-step. Whether you are buying your first house or you want to do Real Estate as a business, this information is invaluable. The Glass' approach is unique in that they REALLY do take you by the hand and guide you through the process,  leaving no stone unturned. This program is very easy to read and understand and if for some reason you don't understand something, Jen and Kevin are readily available to help you through it. In this world of hot shot big talking gurus this program stands alone not only because of the results, but because of direct personal involvement of the owners and creators themselves. You can rest assured that if you need help, you will be dealing with experienced people that truly care about your success. The $100 discount and the 90 Day Guarantee help a lot too! 

One-Time: $97.00

To check it out for yourself: Click Here


3.8 out of 5 

We love Derek Pierce, the creator of the Real Estate Underground, he has put together a real winner.  The great thing about Derek is that even though he has been very successful, he is still a down to earth person who has been through the struggles just like everyone else. He is from a small town and is actively succeeding in the Real Estate business. There is no Hype, over-the-top sales pitch, or outrageous promises. This program is a comprehensive Real Estate money making guide that gives you tried and true techniques along with some very creative ways to really make money no matter where you live. Derek includes some videos that take you step by step through some of the most profitable and creative Real Estate techniques and he even includes high quality customizable forms for anything that you would need. You will come away from this with REAL practical know-how.  

One-Time: $97.00

To check it out for yourself: Click Here


                         Top Real Estate Sites                                         

        Site Link                      Rating           Guarantee        One-Time Fee            5 out of 5             90 days                  $50.00                      4.2                            90 days                               $97.00                      4                               90 days                              $97.00                         3.8                             60 days                              $97.00  


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