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I have tried and tested Hundreds of Programs Online and Off and ONLY ONE still delivers a Rock Solid Income. To see it for yourself Click Here

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Cash Flow is the name of the game! That is why there are SO many programs boasting that they can put you in a Positive Cash Flow Situation, but can they really? Now you will learn the Truth!

These programs are all promoting the "Paper Game," buying and selling Discounted Notes. There are notes for Accounts Receivable, Cars, Boats, Mobile Homes, Bad Debt, almost anything you can think of, but most of the Cash Flow Business Programs focus on Real Estate. This is a Multi-Billion Dollar market, but is it as simple for the little guy as they all say?

Programs like Russ Dalbey, American Cash Flow Corp(ACFC), ACFI, and MANY others are all working overtime to convince you that they have the answer for generating an “easy” Positive Cash Flow.

In reality I have received hundreds of emails and phone calls and VERY FEW ever said that they were making anywhere near the money that these programs promise. Most said they had given up really trying.

They were all going to "get back to it." It makes me wonder (I really already know), since it is so "simple and easy," and even though they all paid THOUSANDS to get in, why don't they actively do it?


This is TREMENDOUSLY Time Consuming. The phone, the internet, newspapers, and the courthouse looking for Notes are all things you better become very familiar with!

If these programs are all so lucrative, you would think that there must be a lot success stories, but in years of doing what I do, the VAST MAJORITY tell me they've spent Thousands and never made a dime!

Chasing Phantom Real Estate Notes and trying to compete with the true Cash Flow Professionals and people from all the other programs, what's the point?

There are other REAL ways to bring in A LOT of Cash Flow. After all, you are looking for POSITIVE Cash Flow, right? Paying thousands and digging a hole from the start is NOT the way to do it!

I have tried and tested Hundreds of Online Opportunities and ONLY ONE still provides a Rock Solid Income. To see it for yourself Click Here

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