Cafe Press

Cafe Press is a company that offers an opportunity for their members to create an income marketing their novelty items. They offer T-shirts, mugs, cups, coasters, etc. You are allowed to create your own themes for the merchandise and market it.

Cafe Press is great for webmasters that may want to add more products to a theme based website, but do not want to hassle with uploading the graphics and setting up a shopping cart software. You can simply use this company's site to market these items simly by linking to it.

There is added profit potential because you are allowed to mark up the products as much as you like over and above the standard price, that is set for each item. The affiliate program pays what are called 2nd Tier commissions, meaning that you get paid on what the wholesale cost of the items. In addition to any profit above this which is yours to keep.

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This should be veiwed as an add-on or impulse type of item. It would be very difficult to develop a large income using these items as your primary product. The typical low dollar amount of these goods would mean an enormous amount would need to be sold to create a liveable income.

If you currently have a themed based website and are looking for items that could fit with your theme, this would be great. If you are trying to create a large income from the internet, all you need is a proven step-by-step path to follow which will give you the secrets used by top internet marketers, but for another stream of income, be it small, Cafe Press could be good.

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