What's the real story on Burnlounge?

Burnlounge provides the latest in a long line of opportunities to say that you will make big money as a result of cashing in on the mp3 download craze.

Here’s the latest from one blog review:. "Burnlounge: Customer service: Two weeks it took them to respond to several e-mails regarding website problems and music downloading issues.

Music concerns:

Downloading music (or trying to) results in 7-digit errors. Customer service says that it’s not Burnlounge’s problem. The final result is not being able to download music because of issues of licensing.

The frustration of trying to deal with the program for three weeks when there has been no way to contact anyone personally has led me to be certain Burnlounge is just another MLM that does not care about anything but the money!

Burnlounge may have had a great concept, but it cannot really compete with Apple or any of the other great Download sites!

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