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Bryan Winters has written good articles on ways to get customers to your web site and is the author of Push Button Publishing. The features of his articles are as follows:

• Lure your customer into leaving his email address and capture this information.

• Get attention of client, capture his interest, raise level of his desire, Ask him to take action.

• Build credibility of your web site.

• Shout from rooftops what it means to your customer.

• Word “FREE” acts like a magnet for your customers. If you give something free, customers will be attracted to your site, irrespective of what you offer free.

• Also use words like “secret”, to build up curiosity.

• Build up curiosity and keep him guessing about what comes next.

• Have a friendly tone in the sales letter.

• Write a personal letter. Have conversational tone.

• Sprinkle your letter with what you will do for customer.

• Use facts and empathize with your customer. Use liberally “if I were in your shoes”.

• Have a USP( Unique selling preposition).

• Lure them into thinking that what you offer is going to be a limited period offer.

Bryan Winters’ techniques can be very useful in putting together a successful internet marketing business, but there are MANY other aspects of this business that must be addressed. If you can follow a simple, proven, step-by-step process put together by highly successful internet marketers, you can quickly build a successful global internet business.

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