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Bruce Berman is a businessman that has been involved in a variety of business ventures. In the 80's, with his father, he apparently did very well, but that business subsequently went under due to design flaws in the product. So, he does have some experience, but the question is: Will it help you?

The "free" CD and book is supposed to show you how to make your fortune working from Home. The advertisement has testimonials from people claiming to have made big money, but they don't say how.

The information from,,, or any other Bruce A. Berman websites does NOT tell you what kind of business to start or how to start ANY business.However, it does give information on things like franchises, and incorporation, but which franchises and what business to incorporate is missing. You will find a variety of business information, but Bruce A. Berman does give you step-by-step details.

Many people also call me wondering about an additional charge, appearing on their credit card for around $100, when they only expected a shipping charge. If you read the fine print, you will see that they are sending you out not just a cd, but an entire program.

You then have 30 days from the SHIPPING date, not the date of receipt, to return the materials. If you don't, you are charged. So basically, if you open the material that you did not order to begin with, you've bought it. Since there is obviously no way to go through the material, try to apply it, and see any results in less than thirty days, even if you do pay MUCH more for the mentoring program!

There is some value to the Bruce Berman material for those who may want to expand an existing business, but not for a person just starting out. And the way they go about delivering and charging is a questionable tactic. Anyway, these days if you want a Home Business, that really means an internet business. Everything is going to the internet and Bruce Berman is of no help with that!

There are programs that teach the in's and out's of marketing on the internet successfully, without trying to pull a fast one. I would recommend a thorough step-by-step program offered by REAL internet marketers. I have tried and tested hundreds of online opportunities and ONLY ONE still provides a ROCK SOLID income. To See for yourself Click Here

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