Bob Serling

Bob Serling is a software engineer by profession, but has been involved with internet marketing for the past couple of years.

He has done quite well with the selling of information and has some unique ideas about this type of internet marketing.

While the internet is full of "free" bonuses to buy this or that, Bob feels that it is the main product that is most important. If you can make your main product very appealing, that should be enough to entice your prospect to buy.

I agree to some extent, but everyone is looking for value and some bonuses are ok. You obviously don't want to offer so many that it detracts from your main offer.

Bob Serling's new product, Electronic Marketing Power Summit has some good ideas taken from interviews and marketing campaigns of others experienced in this field. There is a lot of useful infomation to be found in this.

Bob is a great example of taking the initiative and creating a useful product to offer the market. There are however very important aspects of internet marketing that are not addressed in this new product.

I would recommend it, but a more comprehensive guide to internet marketing is a must for success.

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