Bob Brinker

Bob Brinker is a renowned stock market analyst. He made quite a name for himself as a radio personality as well.

Obviously the focus of his radio appearances was the stock market. He often fielded calls and had discussions with people about their "hair brained" schemes for beating the stock market.

He has a serious side when it comes to actually making predictions about the stock market. He is consistently right more than he is wrong.

He is not known as someone who freely and carelessly makes predictions that can seriously affect others, without just cause and a lot of research to back it up!

During the 1990's he made numerous predictions about the movement of the stock market and he was right on almost occasion. He was often quoted for saying things that seemed to be bold and sometimes irresponsible, but that was his way of delivering facts that were very well researched and had historical precident.

I believe this man to be reputable and conscientious. Bob Brinker is a man that realized trends before most others and did something about it. There is no denying that anyone can now see the trend toward the internet.

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