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Now there are Blogs about tech, sex , politics, economics and many others. What ever it is, the phenomenon is here to stay. It is changing the world and is a new revolution on internet.

This technology does a number of things. They start a discussion on internet on a variety of topics and all the problems of society are discussed. Some times the problems are solved, some times they are not. But a lot of debate is generated and this is good for generating a healthy society.

Estimates show that about 4 million blogs has come up during middle of 2003 and thousands added in every week. There are more serious happenings on internet. In the field of blogging for example you might know that Howard Dean’s blog site generated a healthy discussion for the Presidency of America.

Blogging or weblogging as it was earlier called in layman’s terms a diary available on web. By a definition available on internet a blog is publication of personal thoughts on web at a regular interval almost quotidian. Blogs are alternatively called web logs, but since it can be confused with web log (A server’s log files) it is normally blog and not web logs.

All over America blogs are performing a useful function of starting and continuing a debate on various sites. Blogs are changing the journalistic world by taking debates to a higher level. The Internet has been admired for generating an explosion of knowledge, making it available to common man and raising the standard of knowledge. Blogging is responsible for using this knowledge, for getting this knowledge refined by learned discussion. Blog and RSS (Real simple syndication) are the tools in hands of common man, intellectuals, politicians, the rulers and the ruled, in fact everyone in general, to raise awareness of everyday issues, and making a knowledge based decision.

Role of technology

Technology has played a useful role in propagating blogging. Now the sites are set up with a minimum of interaction with techies. Earlier even setting up of email based communication was a big task which was not complete without help from technical persons but all that has changed now. Now you can log in from where you are just by pressing a button and the whole process of connecting to internet is over with a few clicks. Few more clicks and you are ready for discussion with any one on the net.

Now you can link audio, video, telephone conversation, power point presentations and what not are possible with push of a button or a click of mouse.

Actual process of blogging Web site managers start the process of blogging by inviting their readers by registering persons for blogging and giving each one an identity for sake of regulation and control. A site can remain open for discussion for 24 hours a day or for some restricted period of time. The subjects discussed can also be restricted or site specific or any thing under the sun. All the bloggers can then come and start the discussion and thus blogging can begin.

Advantages of blogging

1) Blogginng lets ordinary persons on net realize their dreams of writing their thoughts. Writers have their space for writing, with a sure assurance that someone on the internet will read them, interact with them and so start a new discussion on topics of their interest. This is similar to writing a letter or an email to an editor, with a difference that the letter or an email does not, very often, start a discussion. The letter or email dies an early death manily because the written letter or the email is not online. The blog on the other hand is online and the discussion continues for a very long time and being on line, it is like a conversation between persons like a chat on phone. The discussion is recorded and between many persons unlike telephone conversation. Sometimes, it is just like a tower of Babel, with many persons talking at the same time and no one listening.

2) Blog is a place where you are sure to be heard, you might receive bouquets or brickbats. You know that you are read, discussed, and possible emulated and eve n possible revered. All this will not be possible with a letter or an email to editor. At least not unless you continue to do this for a long time, say 25 years or on the same newspaper.

3) A blogger may meet many persons. A chance meeting on the net is not otherwise possible on the net. You start a discussion a long lost friend might comw in , recognize that the recent blogger is a close classmate that has not been seen for a long time and instantly say “hey are not the same person who was in 1992 in a class 2 in St. John’s school in Sacramento?” A friendship is instantly renewed. New friends are made in the same way, when your opinion matches with someone else.

4) Blogs are read by many persons at the same time, member profiles appear at many places and automatically a person is propelled towards fame, without even his knowing it. A passive reader is also helped by accelerating his thought process, generating new thoughts and thereby raising the level of discussion.


Sometimes the debate turns acrimonious and instead of increasing the intellectual level of discussion, there are fights and instead of making friends over internet, friends turn into enemies and debate takes an entirely new turn.

Blogs and Blogging may have been around a while and it is still in it's infancy, but it will be a force to reckon with from now on.

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