BizQuest is a supermarket for your businesses. We help you in buying and selling your business, and we have literally 1000s of business ventures in store for you. This is a good venture by itself.

Buying and selling of business is not for the uninitiated. A lot of preparations go into starting a new business and if you want to take over a business added problems are there, since no one is likely to sell a running business just for the heck of it unless it is started just it for heck of it. is an information exchange to start with. Sellers can contact by sending an email and paying $99 per month till he decides that his business is for sale. This is just a low fee for listing. In case seller decides this is not good, the listing fee is refunded without question. The confidentiality of seller is not revealed to anyone buying the business until the seller decides it. This is of paramount importance to seller.

The sells business in about 50 states of USA. It has a about 27 industry categories. It has a legal form database of about 27 forms from which to start. The Q and A section on all the above listed procedure of the buuying process are detailed on web site.

A visit to this website is a must for anyone intending to by or sell a business.

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