Big Planet

Big Planet was founded by an ex-Oracle VP who was in charge of the deployment of Netware, one of the most widely used networking software packages ever created, Richard King partnered with network marketing giant Nu-Skin International to create this opportunity. offers a wide variety of technologically based programs from Long Distance telephone service to internet access and almost everything in between. There are several companies taking this approach and on the surface it looks great, but remember, it is MLM and there is tons of competition for the services they offer.

This does offer the new internet user an opportunity to jump into internet marketing and offer products that are in demand, but it will not be as easy as you might think.

After years of testing MLM companies, I noticed most of them don't generate enough money because they don't have a unique product. After years of research, I finally found the MLM that pays the best and has a unique product that is different from all the rest. Email me at to find out the MLM that beats all others.

There are many aspects of internet marketing that must be addressed to ensure success. Only those with experience in this field know the techniques and methods that have proven successful. The products that Big Planet offers have real potential, but the best thing you can do is learn how successful marketers attract people and convert them into customers.

The 'Net offers the possibility to create great wealth and we have known that for a long time. It does not matter whether you are a new to the internet or someone who has been around for years. Most people put the cart before the horse and focus too much on the product. It doesn't matter if you have the best product in the world, if noone knows your here, you won't make money.

After years of testing opportunities, most of them waste my time and don't generate much money because you have to chase people around trying to SELL IT! They ALL have to much competition and don't offer a Totally Unique Product to a Huge Existing Market. But I have found THE ONE that pays the Best, has True Mass Appeal, is One-OF-A-Kind, and has NO COMPETITION! On top of that, hardly anyone has even heard of it yet, but those that have, including Yours Truly, are already making all kinds of money. To find out which one Beats All Others Click Here

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