Better Universe

Better Universe is an MLM that claims it is using 10% of net generated profits to feed the poor throughout the world. The claim that these profits are used to satisfy food, clothing, housing education and medical demands of less fortunate people in the world, is not supported anywhere on the their web page or anywhere else!

With the professed mission appearing only their webpage, any pretense of helping the poor, does not stand scrutiny!

Better Universe claims to be the TOTAL answere for marketing any kind of product. They offer Multi-Media advertising, as well as internet marketing support to "ensure" your success!

I have received information from members and ex-members who resigned in disgust! The following is from a participant in the program:

“For the record I was able to make a little money in the opportunity that took months to obtain, but felt the tactics being used by this company and just about every high end representative to obtain new representatives/distributers was highly unethical. Those practices included lying, deceiving, following scripts to obtain new reps, avoiding answering specific questions, and exaggerating my success.

Soon after I started receiving a pay check I began to feel sickended at the lengths that many reps were going to in an effort to bring on new people. When I was asked to deceive and flat out lie to family and friends on the opportunity, it was about an hour after that in which I cancelled my position.” William G.

I have MANY, MANY more of emails as bad or worse than this.

Obviously, I do not recommend this program!

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