Beryl Wolk

Beryl Wolk was at the ripe age of 75, when a number of persons are unable to walk without support, headed an organization that was working for the likes of Ford, GM, Chrysler, McDonald’s and 175 numerous others national corporations.

A graduate of University of Pennsylvania, Wharton schools of business, a retired Lt. commander of US Naval reserve and he has a number of firsts to his credit. He is the CEO/Chairman of his family owned corporation Internet Marketing Consortium (IMC). Beryl Wolk's conglomerate of 21 companies, spread over four states, and has 1250 employees. He was the pioneer of 30 minute infomercials, co-founder of cable television’s magazine with largest circulation, ‘The cable guide’.

Beryl Wolk also vigorously promoted the idea of newspaper inserts, through ‘family guide’ a low cost, direct response marketing technique for many US companies cited above. The reach of these newspaper inserts is huge spanning every city town having a population of 5000 or more. Billions of ‘The family guide’ have been sent till now to various households.

His major work that is now being done by IMC is direct marketing through joint ventures. IMC now represents 500 internet joint ventures. This involves multimedia marketing. Beryl’s three step (crawl, walk, run) program for internet marketing has become popular and a large number of direct marketing firms are signing up for the program.

The program available through his website http://www.Beryl's, gives step by step program for marketing of goods produced by any person, through shops that sell these goods and support of radio, TV and infomercials is available through IMC. The multimedia support includes, web marketing, printed material, database management, sweepstakes, newspaper inserts, magazine publishing, radio, TV, infomercials, net advertising, catalogues, fax broadcasting, trade shows, event marketing exhibitions, and many similar ideas of marketing.

Beryl Wolk's companies have increased the reach of marketing through business improvement opportunities, breakthrough product marketing, self improvement, franchise marketing corporations, clubs, financing for marketing and a host of other developments.

Through his crawl, walk, run program he has he supports a wide range marketing network that has• Banner ads on 80,000 websites.• Press publicity through 100,000 outlets.• Magazine ads through 79 magazines.• Radio advertising through 20 million homes.• TV advertising through 40 million homes• Production of multimedia advertising

Beryl Wolk is also a leader in MLM techniques. He has earned various compliments and rebukes. His rebukes are mainly in his MLM business. These compliments and rebukes range from making him an idol, to making him just a much hyped marketer.

Here are some samples:

“Beryl, you're a marketing Genus and true visionary. AllforPaws was blown away with your creative mind, vision and the man who spends everyday to make a "Better World" for people. Your talented and remarkably dedicated down to earth staff is second to none. We could search the world and never find a marketing company like Beryl's World. Beryl's World and AllforPaws will never look back and together we will soar to new heights. We will make a " Better World " for people and their pets. Wow!!! what an adventure, God bless.”’

- Judy and Rick Mirabito Founders, AllforPaws / Sebeon, LLC

“I have only met a few people in my life with such an engaging and infectious spirit as yours. Thank you for taking the time to share it with Bob and me yesterday. We both thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and your staff and look forward to building a prosperous relationship with IMC.” Best Regards, Munish Suri Trutek Corp.

And now:


I think that it is very good that you are "concerned" about this. I believe that you ought to be concerned.

By the way, did you ever visit and listen to his incredible fast-sales-pitch hype? I had to click away to another page before his spiel finished, because it was annoying me too much. I certainly wouldn't even think of buying a used car from someone like that. There is a brief mention of "Better World" at the end of where he claims to have 'a focus on Humanitarian Causes'.

In case anyone is interested, one of the trivia questions at asks who it was that invented the informericial in the 1950's. They give four options. NONE of them is Beryl J. Wolk. The answer that they give is Ron Popeil (who started RONCO Products). I suspect that they are correct about that.”

Many people think this Beryl Wolk is fantastic, just as many think of him as an over-promoted opportunist. He definitely is NOT a non-profit organization, so take him with a grain of salt.

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