BankCard University

Your about to find out just exactly what you get when you become involved with BankCard University and Impact Processing out of Salt Lake City, Utah!

BankCard U is an opportunity that supposedly provides you with the opportunity and training to be able to profit from selling business the capability to process credit cards.That seems like it would be good since there are so many new businesses opening up and without a doubt, they all must be able to take plastic.

The whole process with starts, usually with an email, and an offer of a “$5000 sign on Bonus,” Wow! $5000, that sounds really good right? Why not take a chance on it since they only ask YOU to pay the Shipping and Handling of $2.87 on your credit card for the agency kit and “Sign Up Papers.” If you stop and think for a moment, they are willing to pay you a $5000 Sign Up Bonus, but they won’t even pay the $3 to send you the papers? Red Flag!

They do actually send the kit and the papers, but about 3 days or so after receiving them you will see a charge on your credit card for around $35. This is before the authorization papers are signed and sent to them and probably before you have even reviewed them!Then when you try to call the number listed, the phone will ring endlessly and you will never talk to anyone, not even an answering machine and don’t waste your time trying to email them because your emails will bounce back.

BankCard University in association with Impact Processing even claim that Wells Fargo Bank is their parent company, obviously to lend credibility to this scheme. Upon contacting Wells Fargo Bank you will discover that the only thing they know about BankCard U is all the complaints that they have had about them and they are not affiliated in any way.

It is amazing how many people will concoct elaborate schemes to rip off people that are just seeking to make a living online. It really shakes your faith in the goodness of people, but it really is possible to make good money online, but it is not just a dream. There is no magic involved. It is a business, like any other and to succeed you need to know what those that actually succeed already know.

You can spend thousands of dollars and waste years chasing after one thing or another like BankCard University or you can use a simple step-by-step guide that takes all the guesswork out of it. I have tried and tested Hundreds of online opportunities and ONLY ONE still provides a Rock Solid Income. To see for yourself Click Here BankCard University to our Home Page