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AutoSurf or Paid to Surf the Internet programs are becoming so popular that there are MANY new ones coming out every week. Conversely, there are many disappearing every week too!

Most of these offers hype the amount of money you can make for spending five or ten minutes a day surfing specific sites, for which you supposedly get paid. The reason I say supposedly is simply because A LOT of these AutoSurf programs never pay a dime.

Many of these programs allow you to join for free, but typically you will need to "upgrade" within a specific period of time, typically a few days. You can upgrade in small increments, $6 for instance, and you can put in as much as the program will allow. Many of these programs will let you put in thousands if you wish.

The programs themselves earn interest on the money you put in and from advertisers and then pay you a certain percentage on your money, if you fulfill your "surfing" responsibilities.

It is incredible how many of Get Paid To Surf programs appear and disappear seemingly overnite. The internet is filled with complaints from people who did not get the return they were promised or a refund on the initial investment.

Typically, the amount that people put into these Paid to Surf the Internet programs is relatively small, but as I mentioned above, many will accept thousands, if you want to risk it.

There are a few of these programs that actually pay, but there is no way I would spend very much money on any of them. Many of the Paid to Surf programs have a disclaimer that states, "don't risk what you can't afford to lose." Lose! It is supposed to be guaranteed, right? Don't bet on it!

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