is the internet marketing system that can be used to create an automated marketing system. This company works with MLM companies to provide a better alternative than using the replicated (cookie cutter) websites that MLM companies automatically give every rep.

AutomaticBuilder will provide a capture page, webinar page, and autoresponder, so that you can do advertising for your company and follow up with interested parties. The company you are trying to promote must already be available through Automatic Builder or you will be building it from scratch. will give you, for a fee, your own website, but it will not be totally unique to you. They may have a variety of capture pages you can use, thereby differentiating you from all the other reps in your company, to some degree.

In most cases, this type of site cannot be listed on the search engines and is not very helpful in reaching the masses. So, you will be back to the "warm list" thing, perhaps approaching your family and friends and/or spending money on leads.

The AutoMatic Builder system also sells leads, that you can contact in an attempt to build your downline.

The internet is a super way to find interested parties for anything you have to offer, but there are ways that work and ways that don't. Network Marketing companies have been putting up websites for years and still, most people don't have the success they hoped for. There is a reason for that... It takes expertise and knowledge to succeed, above and beyond a fancy website!

The ideal situation is to get QUALIFIED leads for yourself using different methods than everyone else or better still, have people buy or join directly on the internet.

Then, the sky is the limit because you are not buying leads, sharing leads, or co-oping leads. This allows you the freedom to diversify and offer anything you want, enabling you to have multiple streams of income.

Setting this up is not difficult or expensive and will pay off for years. If you can follow a simple, proven, step-by-step plan, you will succeed. If you want to see the best way to make this happen Click Here