Automated Paydays Review

Automated Paydays, huh, Give Me A BREAK!

Read this whole Automated Paydays Review BEFORE you get sucked into this and you will be VERY GLAD you did.

This whole setup is a charade and a bad one. There are TONS of sites like this with different names. Believe it or not, this is a cookie cutter site that simply changes it's name after it gets such a bad rep that people don't believe it anymore. I mean the EXACT same site.

Here is how it works, as you know Automated Paydays charges some small amount making claims that you will make money "link posting" or some other nonsense.

Once you join they lower the boom. It is really diabolical.

Pay that and you WILL start to receive phone calls from hard closing salesmen who, believe me, are not out for chicken feed. These sharks will LIE to you and tell you that you will make outrageous amounts of money IF you let them "coach" you or you move up to the next level.

I am talking about A LOT of money. Automated Payday salesmen start out wanting say $1500 and tell you if you pay that you are on your way to a fortune. If you pay that, they give you a bunch of busy work and when you don't make a penny, guess what? You get ANOTHER phone call and they want even more and more and more money, promising the same thing.

You must understand that these Automated Payday salesmen work for many programs like: Real Estate Programs, Internet Marketing Programs, all kinds of Info-mercial programs, etc

They ACTUALLY tell you that are experts and they are going to help you and then, when they call people for some other program, they are "experts" in that field too.

It is a sad and pathetic joke.

I am here to tell you the TRUTH in this Automated Paydays review and if you don't heed my advice you WILL be one of the MANY victims of these people.

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In my 12 years of warning people about this I have talked to, at least, 10,000 people who have been bamboozled by programs like this. The last person told me that she just lost her job and she had a good job, so she had a big limit on her credit cards.

They took her for $25,000, you better know that they aren't trying to get $100, they are out to take you for all you've got and they don't care if you end up on the street!

These people that have NO conscience, honestly, they should be strung up!

It is so sad when I get a call like that and I wonder: WHY did you not check them out BEFORE you got ripped off by something like Automated Paydays?

They steal your money, run it through an offshore credit card processor in Panama or something and it is GONE and you ain't getting no refund jack.

So PLEASE PLEASE stay away from this Automated Paydays scam. I REALLY don't want another phone call from a crying desperate person who just wanted to make some money from home.

There is no need to spend money to make money from home.

I have tried and tested Hundreds (literally) and ONLY ONE still provides a Rock Solid Income and it is FREE. See it RIGHT HERE.

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