Automated Home Profits

Automated Home Profits is so nefarious that they keep having to change their name, now you'll find out why!

This used to be called the Quick Cash Kit and these goofs have had so many customer complaints that they just change the website, call it something else, and put different people's fake names on it.

However, they are so ridiculous that they don't completely change the look of the website because they are just to lazy or ignorant.

AutomatedHomeProfits is yet ANOTHER of the stupid things that use a FAKE "news" website and tell you some rags-to-riches story, usually it's about a woman, and guess what? She lives right there in your home town, doesn't she?

Well, if you lived on the moon, she would live there too. It's an IP reading software, so no matter where you're from, so is she.

The WHOLE thing is totally bogus. These programs usually try to convince you that you are going to be a "search engine placement specialist" which means that you are going to be "posting links."

This is a colossal waste of time and is just busy work to make you think that you are actually doing something. It seems to make sense because you are posting links all over the place for real companies, but it is a joke. The only way anyone would even see them is if you did Pay-per-click and that will cost you a fortune.

Automated Home Profits also piles on the promises about how you'll get all this help from "experts" and guess what again? If you ever REALLY talk to anyone associated with this program, they will be asking for A LOT more money. The little $9.95 is just the tip of the iceberg!

My recommendation is that you DON'T touch Automated Home Profits with a THOUSAND foot pole. It is just old re-hashed nonsense and a way to try to get more money out of you for nothing!

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