Auto Pilot Home Profits

Autopilot Home Profits makes big bold claims about how much money they will “help” you make “$379 Per Day,” but now you’ll know the WHOLE story.

Wow! For a mere $19.97 (sometimes $9.97!) you are SUPPOSED to get a free website, training guides, DVD’s, and actual one on one consultation with an “expert.”

That is just so ridiculous that they SAY you are going to get all that they must really think you’re gullible. How in the world could they do all that? The answer is: they don’t!

They may give you a USELESS replicated website just to look like they are going through the motions, but DVD’s, one on one training, give me a break!

This whole Auto Pilot Profits front is just the tip of the iceberg. They are going to try to hit you up for A LOT more money, guaranteed.

These people actually ask you for your credit card before they even tell you what it is!

This is indicative of these jicky “link posting” programs that are coming out of the woodwork. The whole premise is that YOU pay to advertise for companies using your affiliate link and IF (big IF) you ever made a sale through your link, you would make a commission. It’s a JOKE!

You can get an affiliate link on your own from almost any company out there and completely waste your time and money without Auto Pilot Home Profits.

Another little matter: Now when you go to AutopilotHomeProfits .com it actually takes you to a site with a different name: Online Income Solution. Actually it’s not another site, it’s the same site with a different name. Look Out!

There is only ONE reason that a program changes it’s name (as many do) and that is that it has jerked around so many people that it’s name is plastered all over the place as being a rip off.

On top of all this, Auto Pilot Home Profits doesn’t even use a reputable credit card processor. THEY say it is, but if you ever try to get a refund (which you will), don’t count on it. All this can be avoided if you STAY AWAY from this program.

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