Armand Morin

Armand Morin has been operating on internet since 1996 and developing and marketing new software for computer related publishing industry and internet marketing sites. His eCover generator, header generator, and eBook generator has been utilized by desktop publishing industry for last 9 years and other software like Instant PDF generator, Flash Pal generator, Popover generator, Smartpage generator, Sales letter generator, toolbar generator and Audio generator is being used by internet marketers successfully for last so many years.

The audio generator developed by Morin along with former Microsoft employee Rick Raddatz is unique in the sense that anyone using your web site and leaving a audio testimonial, can be used by you for on web site as testimonial without converting to audio file. The testimonial can be recorded on 1-800 number.

These time-saving, and income generating products can be found on at a price between $79 to $97. he has made millions by selling these products on the internet for last 9 years. You benefit by use of these products by reducing time involved in making your web site. As with most of good American products, these products come with 100% money back guarantee and a client does not expect to lse money if he/she is not satisfied with the product. You can use these products for enhancing you web site appeal and also for recording audio testimonials on your 1-800 number.

Although Armand Morin does not offer you any direct marketing for your product or help in associate marketing or affiliate marketing, his contribution to internet marketing is immense.

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